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Nov, 03, 2016

I joined an amazing team of DBAs that have a <3 for Powershell and automation.

Script Part 2: Creating a Stored Procedure Plan Guide From the Query Plan Cache

Nov, 03, 2016

Yeah locking in sproc plan guides seems "hacky", but when you aren't the API/UI/Application developer you may need to lock a crazy plan in (as the query is as optimal as it's going to get)... to keep your sanity, and sleep.


Nov, 02, 2016

I open sourced a fun little project from a few months back.

UUIDs (GUIDs) vs Auto-increment IDENTITY columns as the Primary Key for disk-based storage RDBMS

Apr, 02, 2016

This isn't a new topic, sorry for the unoriginallity. This recently came up around one of our new application's database design, and I decided to write a quick test in SQL.

Script: Monitoring Primary/Secondary Replicas in SQL Server Availability Group

Apr, 02, 2016

Most people resort to the provided "Availability Group GUI Dashboard" that is available through SSMS, however I prefer the most up to date metrics as possible.

Script: Creating a Stored Procedure Plan Guide From the Query Plan Cache

Jul, 22, 2015

Sometimes a stored procedure is acting up, and sometimes a plan guide is necessary. Here is a pretty simple script that locks in the latest plan handle, in the cache, into a plan guide.

Emailing Results of a Stored Procedure as a CSV, with PowerShell

Jul, 22, 2015

Recently I was tasked with figuring out a way to send weekly reports that are, at the moment, being run manually on "off"-traffic hours. The task was to send an email for 10 or so reports, output as a CSV to send to the folks that need the data. I figured I'd share a super simple way to achieve this in PowerShell.